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Nios Admission Delhi

We Toppers Mantra Education Center provide Nios Admission in Delhi online and offline. Toppers Mantra is the leading Nios Institute in Delhi and the India. In addition, We have huge family. We have Nios students from each corner of the states.

As we know that Nios is the largest Open Board in the India which is working under Ministry of Education.

Firstly, it provides admission for Secondary (10th) and Senior Secondary (12th) class. National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) mainly works for those students who left their studies.

Toppers Mantra Education Center basically provides Nios Admission for Stream 1 Block 1 and Stream 1 Block 2 which is generally called Nios Public Admission.

We also provide Nios On-Demand Admission which is called Stream-3 for 10th class and Stream-4 for 12th class for those students who failed in their previous Board. In the Nios most of the students looking for their Nios Improvement Examination Admission. Through Toppers Mantra you can enroll for your Nios Admission in Delhi in any one from of them.

Moreover, Students from Delhi can take their admission with the visit at the destination of Toppers Mantra Education Center which is located in Govindpuri, Kalkaji.

We have a center which guides you about all the procedures of Nios Admission Delhi. We always start from beginning for the students which deeply helps the students.

In Delhi Toppers Mantra Education Center is the leading Nios Admission Center/Centre.

Nios Admission Delhi

Nios Admission:

Nios Admission in Delhi is available at Toppers Mantra Education Center. You can contact for your NIOS 10th and 12th Admission whenever you want.

Nios provides facility of admission in Delhi at the AI centers.

Most of the students lack of knowledge of procedure of Nios Admission. We provide specific guidelines regarding the admission procedure of Nios. After that you will be able to understand the procedure of Nios Admission.

Nios Stream 1 Block 1 Admission:

Secondly, we provide Nios Public Admission in Delhi for the session of April-May. It’s the first session of the academic which is called Nios Stream 1 Block 1 Nios Admission.

In Public Examination students have to prepare Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA). TMA covers the 20% weightage of the Theory Examination. Toppers Mantra provides you guidelines about the preparation of the TMA.

In TMA you have to write 6 Question according to the instruction. It should be attached in files, but now you can also upload your TMA virtually at your BLEAP portal.

You have to also prepare for the Practical files of the subjects which have Practicals. We also prove the help to prepare the Practical files.

Admission for the Stream 1 Block 1 starts from 16th March-15th September. You can take you Nios Admission for 10th and 12th class without late fee till 31st July. Late Fee starts from 1st August to 15th September. For more information about Nios Admission in Delhi you can contact us.

Nios Stream 1 Block 2 Admission:

Nios Stream 1 Block 2 Admission is as same as Nios Block 1 Admission. The Examinations of the Block 2 conduct in the October-November session.

In Addition, Admission of Stream 1 Block 2 starts from next day of previous academic session.

For the 10th and 12th admission in Stream 1 Block 2 you can contact at 9958010068 | 9958022889.

Nios Admission Stream 1 Block 1 and Stream 1 Block 2

Nios Guide Books:

If you enroll for your Nios Admission then Toppers Mantra Education Center provides Nios guide books. In these books the entire syllabus available which is taking through Nios Main Books. As a result, you will get score good marks in the Nios Examination.

At the time of registration, we provide these books. Main books of Nios take time to reach the students.


Nios Coaching Classes Delhi:

Above all, Nios coaching classes is also available at the Toppers Mantra Education Center. We provide coaching/tuition for 10th and 12th class. We have specialist teacher for the entire subjects of Nios.

Toppers Mantra Education Center have special classes for the students in Online and Offline mode through Delhi.

Nios Coaching for Secondary Class (10th):

We provide special Nios Coaching classes for the 10th class. In 10th class most of the students are looking for the tuition classes for the main subjects. But In Nios there are many subjects which you can choose freely according to your choice.

However, You can take the Nios Subjects for 10th class like English (202), Hindi (201), Mathematics (211), Science & Technology (212), Social Science (213), Data Entry and Operations (229), Painting (225), Accountancy (224), Economics (214), Business Studies (215), Home Science (216), Entrepreneurship (249), Indian Culture & Heritage (223), etc.

These are the main subjects of Nios 10th class.

You can join for your Nios 10th Coaching Classes at Toppers Mantra Education Center, 1153/11, 2nd floor, Govindpuri, Kalkaji-110019.

Nios Coaching Classes

Nios Coaching for Senior Secondary (12th) Class:

If you are looking for Nios Senior Secondary (12th) Coaching classes then you are at right place Toppers Mantra Education Center in Delhi.

We provide Nios Coaching for all the streams of the academic. We provide special classes for Arts, Commerce and Science.

Special classes for all the streams are available at our center. We have a specialist Nios Faculty/teacher who provide classes online and offline.

However, you can take the Nios subjects for 12th class are Political Science (317), History (315), English (302), Hindi (301), Economics (318), Sociology (331), Environmental Science (333), Home Science (321), Accountancy (320), Mathematics (311), Business Studies (319), Computer Science (), Physics (312), Chemistry (313), Biology (314), Data Entry Operations (336), Mass Communication (335), Psychology (328), etc.

Similarly, you can join for your Nios 12th Coaching Classes at Toppers Mantra Education Center at 1153/11, 2nd floor, Govindpuri, Kalkaji-110019.

Nios Admission for Delhi Students:

Finally, Toppers Mantra Education Center provides Nios Admission Delhi and Nios Coaching classes in Delhi at our local destination.

In conclusion, All the interested students can take their Nios Admission for 10th and 12th class directly through Toppers Mantra. Family of the Toppers Mantra Education Center welcomes the students for Nios Admission and Nios Coaching Classes.

Thanking You


Nios Admission Toppers Mantra Education Center




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